tiistai 7. toukokuuta 2013

Still life, summer (updated with Sideffest 2013)

Few shows booked here and there, few new rock'n'roll songs composed, some plans for recording made (good ones)... Otherwise our summer looks pretty relaxed. Gonna list some stuff here about the upcoming shows in the next few months. More blogging when we have something to announce.

11th of May: Teurastamon piha, Helsinki w/ Haywalkers (Fillarikansa juhlii, 7:30PM). Bring your bicycle!

16th of June: Sideffest 2013 (w/ Seksihullut, Weepikes, Ritual Smoker, Torso.)

17th of July: Espan lava, Helsinki (4:30PM)

20th of July: Kuutio Festival, Kerava

Peace out.
Lady Escape

(Photo by: Diana Didyk (c))

maanantai 25. helmikuuta 2013

February fuzz

Hola amigos!
Quiet times in the Lady Escape camp since our other projects such as Phenomenal Creature, Hopeajärvi & Dwnstrs, have been on the roll. Awesome new material coming from all the above mentioned.

We'll be back with Ladies when we're are playing at Semifinal, Helsinki on Wednesday 3rd of April with The Expected (which is the new band of Janne Äyräväinen, the producer of our Sally EP from 2005. Good ol' times.)

On Friday 5th of April we are going back to Tallinn, Estonia to take part in Tallinn Music Week 2013. We're playing at Köleri 2 at 10PM (Manka Boutique Pop Festival esiteleb). Check out the whole festival program at TMW's website: http://tmw.ee/

Trying to get sum festival shows for this summer also. Bookings can be  made by sending email to: ladyescape(at)gmail.com

Since there's no new Lady Escape album coming up this spring, here's a list of Finnish albums of 2013 that you should wait/check out while trying to realize that sun is still shining after 5PM:

  • Phenomenal Creature's debut album
  • DWNSTRS - Celebral Drag
  • Baxter Stockman - Punter
  • Penniless - Rows Of Houses
  • Cafe de Abejas - Mascot Moth (Ilari on percussions btw)
  • Aivovuoto - S/T



torstai 13. joulukuuta 2012

You Call This A Curfew?

A taster from our latest cassette release for you.
One of our forgotten songs that's got a new life now. Merry Christmas to everyone. See you next year, for example, in one of these great January events!

11th of January: Turku, Klubi (+Echo Is Your Love, Markus Perttula)
18th of January: Helsinki, Korjaamo (+Echo Is Your Love, Merries)


Oh yeah, we didn't post this one yet...

tiistai 20. marraskuuta 2012


Got a secret to share. Hype n´ shite.

Extreme autumn on the roll. Life force-feeds you with darkness. 
Then, suddenly,
a rush of trust and eagerness runs through your skull.
Slowly you begin to remember how to smile. 
Hold your breath, brighten the corners once dim. 
Get rid of your purity ring. 
Enough of this radio silence. We are back.  

More than happy to announce the releasing of a new Lady Escape - achievement.
A cassette format - collection of leftovers along the way. Stuffy, impulsive blasts
from the past, now presented here as some kind of a cross section of our career so far.
A couple of of these tunes are familiar to some of you from live performances,
as the others are available for the first time,ever, for you to enjoy.

LADY ESCAPE : CUM DROPS 2007-2011 (dropouts,versions,b-sides,demos) - CS

1. roll call / row call
2. daniel spaniel
3. you call this a curfew ?

1. ungreen / Gu Kailai
2. tartender
4.testament (of a public poet)

PRICE : 5 euros (incl. shipping) .
ORDER : sideffectrecords(at)gmail.com

 First opportunity to purchase a copy will be tomorrow at Club Liberte,
where we get to share the stage with the almighty Black Lizard and Kap Kap.
The price from hand to hand will be 4 euros.

Later, we'll try to carry some copies to local record stores for them to peddle.

That's it for now. See you 2013. Back to the future.Take care.

Waiting for Santos - a short list for the rest of the year :

- beer bottling (hobby)
- parenting (a lifelong hobby)
- Leo Kottke (artist)
- collectivity (warmth)
- Home Alone 1&2 (movies)
- Terveet Kädet - Ääretön joulu (7")
- KC/MD Mafia - Kauheimmat joululaulut (LP)


Ladies (of the Chorus)

sunnuntai 19. elokuuta 2012

This Is Penis Envy @ Luomustudio


Guys from Luomustudio shot a live video with us two weeks ago. Despite our collective hangover after the night at Kallio Block Party, this acoustic version of "This Is Penis Envy" turned out to be pretty cool.

*Feat. Jussi Hurskainen on saxophone.<3

Check out the whole story with pictures at www.luomustudio.fi (in finnish tho)

Also added few live pictures to our Facebook page

perjantai 27. heinäkuuta 2012

Summer shows etc.

Being "active", forgot the whole bloggin' thing. Had super fun in the Baltics (see pic on the left)! Thanks for everyone, again. Had a nice show in Semifinal, Helsinki last weekend too. Our set is in good shape at the moment. It's been pleasure to play older songs in the set too (for example Spitsea, The Day She Came Back & Marry Me In Cuba) It is recommended to check us out before we run out of shows again, haha!

Still few festivals coming up this summer!
On saturday 28th (tomorrow it is) we will play in KARMAROCK, Harjavalta. Joose Keskitalo & Kolmas maailmanpalo, Maj Karma, Von Hertzen Brothers, Regina, Olavi Uusivirta etc playing there too. Our showtime is pretty early, 14.15. Hope to see you there!

KALLIO BLOCK PARTY coming up next week at Vaasankatu. Should be very cool. Lots of good bands there also: Tundramatiks, Ritual Smoker, Jontti & Shaka & Jodarok, Kanerva, Jaakko Eino Kalevi & Long-Sam, Black Lizard, Dxxxa D, Juha Pekka Tapani Heikkinen to name few. We will play at Vaasanaukio (piritori) somewhere around 4 or 5 o'clock in the afternoon. More info on our Facebook page hopefully soon.

Our festival season so far will end on 25th of August at KORKKIFEST.

We have all sorts of crazy plans for autumn. Let's see how they turn out. Hopefully we can announce more upcoming concerts soon also. Remember kids: we still wanna play in your livingroom.


tiistai 3. heinäkuuta 2012

Riga, Narva & Tallinn

We are glad to announce that we are going to make our very first tour in the Baltics next week. We are gonna play one show in Latvia and two shows in Estonia. Here are the dates, places and events. There's facebook links behind them. Feel free to invite more people. The whole thing is very d-i-y so our promoting chances are limited. See you there <3

It's been a while since the last Soundcloud update. There's some new stuff from the latest album.

Songs from "Festive Hearts" by Lady Escape